LEADHQ is your high quality lead headquarters.

Insurance agents: LEADHQ is an easy-to-use lead platform. Buy leads and grow your business through a seamless digital shopping cart experience. This is RGI's latest data-driven marketing solution exclusively for insurance agents. Increase revenue and grow a solid book of business.

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LEADHQ is an easy-to-use sales lead ordering and management system for insurance agents looking for to grow.

LEADHQ offers better targeting with age, income, county and zip code options.

LEADHQ's lead programs are a great fit for virtually any type of sales strategy. Choose any lead quantity over 1000.

LEADHQ is available at anytime and from anywhere. Place your order 100% online.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Insurance Marketing Strategy?

With LEADHQ, insurance agents can build a profitable lead generation program and fit it into their business plan. We deliver superior leads in real-time. Once your leads arrive, you can easily set, make, and close appointments and new business...quickly.

Now offering: FE direct mail leads for insurance agents
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